Sunday 26 March 2017

45th (1st Nottinghamshire) Foot

One of my slow-burn projects has been in the Peninsular of the Napoleonic Wars around 1810. The last time I painted a unit for this specific period was a blog post on 21st April 2009 so slow-burn is quite an accurate description. The unit I posted then was the 45th Foot and it has taken me eight years to flag the unit. I used Perry figures and went for a campaign look. These are new pictures of that unit and I will also be showing, in the next post, the new 32nd Foot using Victrix figures.

On reflection I don’t think I like the campaign look which is exemplified by the assorted colour of their trousers. I am moving to a more pristine look; it may not be quite so accurate but it reflects one of the reasons why people are attracted to the Napoleonic Wars – the glorious uniforms. So my inclination is to go to a full (and cleaner) dress.

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