Thursday 18 October 2018

Mainz Infantry Regiment Lamberg

The prince-elector of Mainz Archbishop J.F.K. von Ostein supplied this regiment to the Austrians upon the outbreak of the SYW and it served with them throughout the war being present at the battles of Hochkirch, Breslau, Prague and Maxen. It consisted of two battalions plus a grenadier company, which, certainly, was converged with Austrian grenadier companies. According to Kronoskaf, “Duffy gives the following data: out of 4,674 mustered. 1,860 were taken prisoner, 1,571 died in hospital, 1,010 deserted, 79 missing or discharged as invalids and only 154 killed in action”. These statistics don't do the regiment justice (many of those who died in hospital might have been wounded in action) though and I think the regiment performed well, otherwise the Austrians would not have placed in so regularly in it's line of battle.

The figures are Crusader (and my batch was very poor being covered in flash and requiring hours of cleaning) and the flags are conjectural. This regiment was not part of the Kurmainz Kreis contribution which is the next regiment I will paint.

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