Friday 14 April 2023

10mm SYW Painted and unpainted figures


I started off this project but I cannot continue it. I am selling painted and unpainted Prussians and Austrians. There is a painted Prussian IR1 regiment (with 5 flags per battalion x 2 battalions), three squadrons of Cuirassiers, one squadron of Dragoons and two squadrons of hussars. The Austrians have two battalions of painted Hungarians, based 4 deep. In assorted bags I have unpainted Fusiliers for the Prussians. The infantry are all GrandScale from OG. The cavalry are mostly from Pendraken and there a number of bags of unpainted figures (see the pictures please).

I'm looking for 100 euros for the whole lot plus postage which I will cap at 20 euros within Europe and 30 euros to the rest of the world. Please see my facebook page for and look in the shop or contact me here.

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