Wednesday 13 September 2017

18mm SYW French: Regiment Limousin

And now for a change, you will be pleased to see. Even I was getting a tad bored of endless regiments of Russian infantry.

These are 18mm SYW French from Eureka and they are gorgeous, even if I am quite unable to do much with the faces.

I have been looking ahead to the day when I will have to downsize my home and that will mean a smaller war-games table in due course. So slowly I am selling off many of my 28mm and 40mm collections. The ancients armies now live in the USA. I will want to sell others too if your are interested - and if so, just drop me a message here or at 18th Century press - the link is on the right.

As usual I have started off with my favourite French regiment - Limousin.

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  1. Interesting, I live in in the area and never knew they existed. By the way we're Nouvelle Aqcuitaine now, the Limousin was one of the regions that was merged in 2016.