Monday 1 December 2014

Württemberg Fusilier Infantry Regiment Truchsess

Here is another Infantry regiment of the SYW army of Wurttemberg but this time it is a fusilier regiment although for practical purposes it was no different to others shown before. It had black facings and white buttons. It’s inhaber was Major-general Leopold Eusebius Count von Truchsess-Scheer-Friedberg.

Kronoskaf has some strange things to say about flags for this nation. “Informations about the colours of the Württemberger infantry regiments are very scarce. The following descriptions represent an "educated guess" based on a single source.” No problem with that but the article goes on to say: “Regimentsfahne: probably red field (but might also have been of a different colour, even though black, the distinctive colour of the regiment, would be very unlikely)”. Although I cannot contradict this based on evidence to hand, black as a colour for flags was not at all uncommon in the SYW. France, Russia and Hesse all had black flags. I actually think that Wurttemberg’s Regimentsfahne were probably all different colours – the facing colour of the regiment – and red was the most commonly seen because red/carmine was the most common facing colour. The same coloured flags across the whole army was unusual for this period. But away from my sources, I will just have to give all regiments red flags.

The picture was taken using my new phone-camera. I'm not sure about it...........

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  1. Beautiful troops - a never ending (don't stop :) ) parade of fine SYW troops.