Tuesday, 13 January 2015

40mm: Two battalions of Prussian IR11 Rebentisch

It has taken me a while to paint this regiment in 40mm but I just love these Trident figures and the flags are glorious. The lace is a little tricky though.

The last image is Copyrighted to Franco Saudelli and Dr Marco Pagan and appears on Kronoskaf. I reproduce it with their permission.

I think I have finally ditched my faithful old Sony digital camera which should now rest in retirement in a museum. These pictures were taken using the camera on my phone (hey - technology advances and even I get in on the act) and you will have to tell me if they are an improvement - I hope they are!

The Inhaber of this regiment from September 12 1758 to June 25 1763 was Major-General Johann Carl Baron von Rebentisch who was convicted in court martial, imprisoned and later dismissed from the Prussian service for his capitulation at Maxen in November 1759. I feel sorry for him so I think I will try to do him justice in a brigade commander at some point.


  1. They look great, fantastic paintjob and a beautiful uniform!

  2. Agreed! And the flags are very pretty. Are the tassels and cords by Front Rank?

    Best Regards,


  3. Yes Stokes, from Front Rank. Their proportions work better in 40mm I think.

  4. Very nice. I to use Trident and S&S figures. Have a set of AWI rules coming out soon. written for 40mm. Called Light Bobs. Also working on a 7YW set. Cheers