Friday 26 June 2015

Prinz Karl Chevauxlegers

I had not realized that I was to paint an extra 6 Saxon cavalry regiments - for some reason I thought it was just two. So here goes with three Chevauleger regiments plus one cuirassier. The choice of facing colour was determined by the beautiful drawing by Franco Saudelli. This shows a rasberry red facing which I thought made an interesting change.

The figures are actually Saxon Cavalry from Eureka (most unusual - I'm painting figures as the designer intended them to be) and they are fabulous figures.


  1. Fabulous figures with fabulous brushwork on the horses.

  2. A great looking unit...and a fantastic uniform!

  3. Beautiful cavalry and photography; always a treat to see your works.

  4. Beautiful, so fascinating! I did the same unit but used different choice in the interpretation of the colors. Yours looks good, and the presentation on the pictures is an eye-candy!