Tuesday 9 June 2015

Karlstädter-Lykaner Grenzer

This Grenzinfanterieregiment (Frontier Infantry Regiment) was raised in February 1746 by Joseph Philipp Count von Guicciardi as the “Liccaner Grenz-Infanterie-Regiment” 1 in the Generalate of Karlstädter. The regiment was then known as the “Joseph Philipp Graf von Guicciardi Liccaner Grenz-Infanterie-Regiment” and consisted of six battalions totalling 9,000 men.

By 1756, the regiment really consisted of two companies of grenadiers, twelve companies of fusiliers  (in 2 battalions) and four Landesdefensions (depot) companies. In addition, there were two companies of sharpshooters and two artillery companies. A company counted about 100 men.                    
It would be wrong to assume these Grenzers only participated in the 'petite guerre' - they were comfortable in that role but also they were capable of being in the line on a battlefield. Both battalions of the regiment took part in the Battle of Lobositz,  with one of them, along with a battalion of Karlstädter-Oguliner Grenzer, stubbornly defended the Lobosch Hill till they were forced to abandon their positions by vastly superior Prussian forces. They were present in most Austrian armies in battles of the SYW and could operate in both close and open order making them very versatile troops.

The figures are a mix of Crusader and Front Rank. Pretty uniform!


  1. Your output of painted figures is incredible - I am so envious!! :-)
    An impressive unit you present here, wonderfully painted (as usual).
    I am planning to make such as Pandurs for the Russians.
    And, yes, your photography is improved - but, considering the high quality of your painting, every picture, presented by you, is great.

  2. Impressive as always. I never saw this figures mixed with the figures of FrontRank but they fit very well.