Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Graf Brühl Chevauxlegers

Here we continue to show those cavalry regiment stuck in Poland and the start of the SYW. After the capitulation of the Saxon army at Pirna, these units served mostly with Austrian armies.

This units wears the caps that it is famous for but Franco Saudelli's fantastic illustration show a ranker in a tricorne which probably replaced the cap in 1756. Still the cap is rather cool so the unit wears them!


  1. Great regiment. I have this regiment but wearing tricornes.

    Liked the Greaf Bruhl regiment and Uhlan Pulks in the previous posts

  2. Me too, this regiment is so beautiful! I have problems to get this caps in 40mm and cannot make them. You painted them so realistically! Bravo!!

  3. Splendid looking unit. Excellent work!
    Honestly I opened the pictures three time before I was able to avert my gaze.