Friday 3 April 2015

Hanoverian Infantry: 9A Sachsen-Gotha

This is the third Hanoverian regiment of six new ones painted or about to be painted.

The regiment was raised in 1751 by the Herzogin von Sachsen-Gotha. In 1756, the regiment, now designated as "Erbprinz von Sachsen-Gotha", was taken into Hanoverian service under British pay as an auxiliary unit. However, it still belonged to the Duchy of Sachsen-Gotha.

On January 25 1759, the regiment was fully integrated into the Hanoverian Army, keeping its name of "Regiment Sachsen-Gotha". This regiment consisted of one battalion and counted 798 men. At the beginning of the war, it fought alongside the Hanoverian infantry regiments. Later on, it was mainly used as an escort for the artillery and pontoon trains.

During the Seven Years War the regimental inhabers were:
from 1751: Luise Dorothea Herzogin von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg
from 1759: Sachsen-Gotha von Wurmb

Originally the unit had smart white coats with green facings and, between 1751 and 1756, unknown flags.

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