Saturday 25 April 2015

15mm Old Glory French Infantry of the Franco-Prussian War (2)

Here is the second battalion of the 18th Regiment. My thoughts on this project continue to evolve. As usual, when I start a new project, my thoughts go BIG and then BIGGER. An OOB starts with 12 battalions and then grows to 24 battalions and then grows again to 36.

So I have sliced back. After all, I have to paint both sides to this conflict! So the new project is to do a French Division of 12 battalions, a few batteries and I'll throw in some cavalry. I'm keeping it simple. No flamboyant Zouaves or Turcos......well not yet anyway. Then when that French Division is done, I'll do a Prussian one which will be much stronger to reflect historical reality. A few battles (hey, what are those? I've had one battle in the last 10 years) and then we will see. This period is a time filler so don't expect anything on a regular basis. But I do like the look of them..........

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