Saturday 4 April 2015

Hanoverian Infantry: 13A Halberstadt

Onwards and upwards with these Hanoverian reinforcements!

The regiment was raised in 1745 from the 3rd battalion of Bourden Infantry. This battalion had originally been raised for Bourden in 1744. Bourden, himself, deserted to the French in 1745 and his regiment was split into three regiments: Graf Keilmannsegge (later 12A), Brunck (later 12B) and Hohorst (later 13A).

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:
from 1746: von Halberstadt
from: 1748: von Diepenbroick
from 1758: von Fersen
from 1760: von Ahefeldt

It was in the thick of it during the battle of Bergen!

In 1763, the regiment was combined with Wrede (13B).

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  1. Another wonderful unit - it's really amazing how many regiments you've painted (and continue to).