Thursday, 20 January 2011

French Infantry Regiment 35 La Fere

As the title says, this is French Infantry Regiment number 35 La Fere of the WAS or SYW period. Dull though the infantry may be, their flags are very colourful and a whole army of French infantry looks very pretty indeed.

The figures are all by Crusader except for the officer figure in the first battalion as well as the wounded chap and these two are from Front Rank. The Crusader SYW range is very nice although there are some holes. It would be great to see some Russian grenadiers to go with the musketeers and perhaps some Observation Corps. Nonetheless, I think these are the nicest French SYW infantry available in 25/28mm and you can mix and match with Front Rank to create variety. The infantry in particular match well in size. I’d largely steer clear of the Foundry French range although, as you will see soon, the Swiss/French Guard figures are the best of their offering.

The French army progresses and there will be more infantry next week. In particular the one-battalion regiment of Bigorre.

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  1. Ils sont, comme les autres figures dans ton blog, merveilleux!