Saturday, 29 January 2011

78th Bigorre

The top two pictures are of French SYW Regiment 'Bigorre' numbered as 78 and having only one battalion. The higher the numbers go, the more junior the regiments get and, after 76 if I recall, they become mostly one battalion regiments and their flags become more hmm, flashy, and colourful. These figures are all Crusader except the officer, who is from Front Rank. There was a thread on TMP recently about mixing figures from various manufacturers and here I think you can see that both go very well together. I have used Armypainter again as my preference is for that grimy campaign look.

I've also put in a picture of work in progress - the Austrian Hussar Regiment 'Hadik'. Only six figures are finished out of a total of 16 (four squadrons of four) but they are a very jolly bunch
and are all by Crusader except that the rearing horse is by Front Rank. Mixing horses is something else you can do to give extra variety and I find that one can mix from three manufacturers (the two mentioned above and Foundry) without too much work. Elite can also be mixed in though in some cases you will need to do a fair amount of filing. I have some Austrian generals I have done using Elite French on Foundry horses but I'll show you these another day.

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