Monday, 24 January 2011

Frederick the Great

This is my Prussian command base. Frederick the Great is in the middle in his somewhat plain uniform, which, contemporaries stated, was normally covered in snuff. To the left is General-major Hartwig Carl von Wartenberg (in the uniform of the 3rd Hussars of which he was Chef), who was killed in a skirmish with Austrian hussars and Grenzers in 1757. He is wearing, around his neck, the ‘Pour de Merite’ order created by Frederick and often called the Blue Max. To the right is Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Seydlitz, wearing the orange sash of the Order of the Black Eagle, which he was awarded, as well as the rank of General-lieutenant, for his dashing role in the Battle of Rossbach. He is wearing the uniform of the Chef of Kuirassier Regiment No.8.

I will have another base for those battles where the King will be absent and there were a few other generals he trusted, but not that many who emerged from the war with enhansed reputations – his brother Henry being one of them.

There are also some nice illustrations Ive posted which I used as a base for painting these figures.

These are all from Foundry and they are quite brilliant figures. The code is SYWP069. As a point of interest, I wrote to Foundry in December telling them I wanted to order 1500 euros worth of figures from them during their sale but that I could not pay for them until the end of January. They told me I had to pay for them in December to get the sale deal. So I switched to Crusader, who were always going to get the order for the Austrians. They therefore got the order for all the Prussians and Austrians. Seems a bit short sighted to me but, hey, I’m just the customer and Foundry’s loss is Crusader’s gain.

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  1. Are you too rich or am I too poor ? :-) You should not order any miniatures by foundry, maybe You can pay them but other have a problem to buy alotof the miniatures.
    Long sentence, short sense: Foundry prices are crazy.