Saturday 25 April 2009

Perry Plastic ACW Cavalry

These twelve figures are the contents of a box of Perry's Plastic ACW cavalry. I have painted them up as the 9th New York.

The horses are particularly impressive and come in halves. Twelve halves come with heads, 2 legs and tails (and half body of course), then other twelve come with two legs and half body. This allows any combination so no two horses need look the same.
The riders are slightly wooden with the heads attached (you choose what sort of hat to give them) and, while they are fine, I think the Perrys have moved on with their later British infantry (separate heads) and I expect the soon-to-be-released French cavalry to reflect these improvements. One other thing - the plastic horses are big and certainly a couple of millimetres bigger in height than the metal horses from the Perry's ACW list. Besides the small height difference, these horses are very muscular and are the closest I have seen to real horses. I don't hesitate to say that to me, these are the best miniature horses available but the box as a whole scores only 8 out of 10 for the weaknesses of the riders.

I've experimented with wider, deaper bases so I'd appreciate your comments if you like or hate them or even if you are agog with indifference!

My painting target is now set for October when I hope to arrange an ACW game here. It will be the first game I have had in six years! So, week by week, I will be building on the painted Union Division I have already and aim to have two Union Divisions done by then as well as a large Confederate Division. I'll keep posting pictures as these two armies grow and I will be breaking up the monotony by throwing in some surprises.

SAVORY Update: It is being printed at the moment. I expect to go live with the website towards the end of May.


  1. Lovely stuff, I think the bases look top notch and the whole unit has tons of character and movement!

    Did you use the army painter stain on these? I have decided to use it on all my ACW as I really like the results.


  2. I think the wider deeper bases work well. Good basing really enhances the figures.