Friday, 8 May 2009

More ACW

(Top picture) This is the new Perry's plastic ACW house and its a gem. Not cheap at £15 but probably cheaper than buying a resin version by the time you add postage on. I prefer plastic kits to their resin bretheren as the detailing is crisper and its possible to add ' clear plastic' in the windows to give the illusion of glass. The kit comes with fences too but they are still in my in-tray. I used a black undercoat, two dry-brushed coats of grey and a final coat of Army Painter to give it that extra weathered look.

(Remaining Pictures) In my last post I pictured the 9th New York cavalry regiment (plastics) and this time they are in metal - the dismounted regiment with horse-holders. I suppose I should really do three sets of horse-holders (one for each squadron) but life is too short for that level of detail so I'm content with what is done. That means a 12 figure cavalry regiment will dismount to 9 active guys and one mounted holding three nags. Each army will have a small brigade of two cavalry regiments.

Meanwhile my Confederates move on apace but I'm waiting for flags from GMB before I picture them. Confederates always take me more time to paint than their northern brothers because each figure has a different colour scheme. Still, I am enjoying doing them and Kershaw's brigade is almost finished.

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  1. Good work, Nigel. The house and the cavalrymen are very nice.

    Confederates weren't so ragged as to have each figure in a different uniform. As late as 1863 there were uniformed units. It depended much on the state the unit came from (and its battle weariness of course). Louisiana and Carolina for example supplied their troops with uniforms.