Tuesday 21 April 2009

Perry Plastic British Napoleonics

Painted up as the 45th Foot (Nottinghamshire), in Peninsular uniform, this is an entire box (36 figures) of Perry’s Plastic Napoleonic British.

I decided not to follow the recommendations within the box for companies of three figures and instead to do four figure companies. So these 36 figures represent the eight centre companies and the grenadier company. For the light company I’ll use metals or Victrix. Additionally, I have not used the plastic bases they supplied as they are the same as for the French (i.e. 45mm x 40mm) and while the French deployed in three ranks, the British used two ranks and so a British battalion in line should be about 50% longer than a French one. My British bases therefore are 35mm x 40mm (one base per company).
The French battalion in line (minus the light company) is 225mm long and this British one (again minus the light company) is 315mm long.

As for the figures, they are no less than MAGNIFICENT. A bit time consuming to assemble but worth it! Over the years I have painted this range from many manufacturers and not only are these the cheapest but they are by far the best. I have decided to start scoring figures out of ten on a none-too-subtle system that I’ll keep to myself. These get 10 out of ten.

Obviously there are no flags – I’m waiting until I can place my next order with GMB.
I’ll retake the pictures when the units is flagged and I’ve done the light company. I don’t think I’ll duplicate the light company in close and open order (as I did with the French) as I can’t really see much likelihood of them not being out skirmishing.


  1. Hi Nigel,

    Yep, they are indeed gorgeous. Very pretty work there! Were I to start down the Napoleonic road again, I'd select these figures myself.

    Best Regards,

    Stokes Schwartz

  2. Great as usual, Nigel !

    I have opted for Warlord's ECW (30 years War) plastic miniature...

  3. Beautiful, ...I jumped into Naps again because of those same figures just this last month...and as you said, a little tough on assembly but magnificent when finished!

  4. Its Really nice!!

    I added you to mi blog