Thursday 16 April 2009

Foundry 25mm SYW French List

On TMP a number of people wanted a list of the Foundry SYW range, which does not yet feature on their website, so here it is:

SYWF2 Fusiliers command
SYWF3 Fusiliers
SYWF4 Fusilier characters
SYWF5 Fusiliers in camp
SYWF6 Garde francais command
SYWF7 Garde francais characters
SYWF8 Garde francais
SYWF18 Grenadier command
SYWF19 Grenadier characters
SYWF20 Grenadiers
SYWF26 Piquet party

SYWF1 Generals
SYWF25 Mounted Officers

SYWF9 Chevaux-legers command
SYWF10 Chevaux-legers charging
SYWF11 Chevaux-legers
SYWF12 Chevaux-legers characters
SYWF13 Dragoon command
SYWF14 Dragoon characters
SYWF15 Dragoons shouldered sword
SYWF16 Dragoons charging
SYWF29 Cuirassier command
SYWF30 Cuirassier characters
SYWF31 Cuirassiers shouldered sword
SYWF32 Cuirassier charging

SYWF27 Artillery crew
SYWF28 Cannon

Fusiliers: not too bad a range but a little bit of a disappointment as I said back in September 2008 of this blog when I painted up an Irish battalion using these figures.
Main problem is the horrible faces and the fact that the infantry are not totally upright (metal wise, not character wise!)Fusiliers in camp are shown in March 2008.
Garde francais: shown painted March 2008. Beautifully detailed coats but some individuals don't have necks!
Grenadiers (Grenadiers de France): shown painted June 2008. My least favourite.
Chevaux-legers: When I first saw these I wrote to Foundry to say I thought these must be Gendarmes because of a) lace on the seams of the coats and b) absence of turnbacks but I did not receive a satisfactory reply. I plan to use these for Gendarmes only.
Dragoons: I have not painted these yet but they don't look bad.
Cuirassiers (du Roi): illustrated in the last post.
Artillery I have not painted these yet so no comment but the gun, one in a blister, is an outrageous price so I'd skip this. To bring it in line with the cost of other manufacturers Foundry would need to put two guns in the blister!
Generals From the poses its quite clear they are stright from Mollo. Poor old Chevert gets that same pose again (looking over his shoulder) and this is the same pose as Front Rank's figure.

Last comment. SYWF26 Piquet party is a very useful pack of 6 figures in skirmish order, not a group having a fête.

PS I also have some dismounted dragoons but I don't have the code for these.

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  1. Some of the figures have appeared on the Foundry 'new painting' pages and I can't say I was at all impressed. The Gardes especially seemed very troll-like though perhaps I was biased through having just completed a battalion of Willie Gardes. The cavalry do look better than the infantry but I'd be interested to see some of the variants in case I can use them with my current mixture of Willie, Crusader and Minden.

    Incidentally, you commented previously about the difficulty of painting Mindens. I find quite the opposite as the detail is so crisply moulded that I paint more accurately; each to his own, I guess.