Saturday 3 October 2020

28mm WSS: French (German) Regiment Zurlauben

This is the first of a two battalion Regiment I plan to have. Many sources describe it as Walloon but others state that it was a German regiment and I incline towards the latter view. It was at Blenheim and occupied the village of the same name (or Blindheim if you prefer). It was largely wiped out there and was never re-raised.

Interestingly it's proprietor was Lieutenant General Beatus Jacques II de Zurlauben, who commanded the Gendarmerie at that same battle and who later died of his wounds sustained on that bloody day. He was a Swiss who was much favoured by Louis XIV for his valiant performance at the Battle of the Boyne. Wiki says “Appointed lieutenant general on June 5, 1702, he made heroic efforts at the battle of Höchstädt (Blenheim)in 1704. Although he had received seven deep wounds, having placed himself at the head of the gendarmerie, he had thrice driven back the enemy;but not being seconded (supported), he was obliged to retire. The king, informed of his conduct, made the Minister of War write: "His Majesty commanded me to say ALL that you will be happy with the way in which he intends to compensate you, remember to heal promptly and to come and receive the reward for your services.". The letter was dated September 20;and, before it could reach him, Zurlauben died in Ulm.”

Flags from Flags of War. Lastly, one strange coincidence: one of his sons was a captain in the yellow-coated regiment (Hessy) I showed you recently.


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