Tuesday 20 October 2020

28mm WSS: English 9pdr Battery and C-in-C


The battery is from a Warlord Games plastic box using 9 out of the 12 crew supplied. The command base is from Front Rank although I had originally planned to buy them from Ebor. I found I had quite a few unused 28mm horses that could be pressed into service obviating the need to buy more horses.


Bigwig: an important or influential person; someone of a high status

Origin: The term bigwig originated in the 17th century, when the short lived fad of wig-wearing was at its peak. It became fashionable for people to shave their heads and replace their hair with wigs; in this way they could sport a style they might not be able to naturally grow. It was seen as a triumph of man’s ingenuity over nature. However hair to make up these wigs was quite rare and expensive. Hair was sold by the strand and it was not uncommon for the lower classes to be seen wearing wigs consisting of only several strands of hair. The rich folk on the other hand were able to purchase large wigs made up of thousands of strands of hair and very soon the term ‘bigwig’ became associated with the very wealthy.

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