Sunday 30 December 2018

French SYW: IR 32 Rohan Montbazon

Another 2 battalion French regiment with pretty flags. This regiment had a number of name changes as and when it's proprietor changed.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment ranked 32nd and was under the command of (from May 26 1745) Jules Hercules Mériadec, Prince de Rohan and Duc de Montbazon (promoted maréchal de camp on April 1 1759). From April 21 1759 it was under the command of Florent Alexandre Melchior de La Baume, Comte de Montrevel. When the French Army was reorganised on December 10 1762, the regiment took the name of the Province of Berry.

It participated in the fiasco of Rossbach and performed excellently at Sandershausen where, according to Kronoskaf, “it was placed in the first line of the left wing. It took the brunt of the Hessian assault, exhausted all its ammunition and then fought with the bayonet. During this combat, it suffered very heavy casualties, loosing 66 officers and 778 men killed (including Lieutenant-Colonel de Saint-Martin) and wounded.” It was also in the thick of it at the battle of Bergen.

Figures are again my preferred option from Black Hussar.

This is probably the last post for the year so I wish you all a happy New Year.

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