Sunday 13 January 2019

SYW Kreis: Generals

These are a complicated bunch of individuals as some were Austrian officers (but not necessarily Austrian citizens) so wore Austrian uniforms, particularly the very senior ones. This accounts for the bewildering selection of uniforms. Others, though, wore the uniforms of their Kreis regiments which produces a further problem as to the colour of their cockades and sashes.

For many of the tiny states we don't have these details so the default option is to use black cockades and gold sashes, as per the Austrian style.

Modern notions of nationality did not exist in early to mid 18th century, especially when it came to the nobility. A noble could serve as a young man in his own 'national' army, even if it was a tiny bishopric of 30,000, with a single regiment of foot, but once he had gained basic experience he could then serve almost anywhere in Europe. Promotion could see him serving for a period with the Russians, then with a promotion he might move to the Danish army. After a further stint there he might shuffle off to serve the Dutch, with another suitable promotion. His final career posting might see him serving as a Major-General with the Reichsarmee

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