Sunday, 10 June 2012

108th Bergh

Here is a 28mm SYW 'German' regiment in French service - 108th Bergh. It is a melange of figures from three manufacturers showing that they do all match in size-wise. Most are by Crusader although the officer on the far right of the battalion is from Elite ( a decent range of very active looking figures) and a standard bearer (the left hand one of the pair) from Eagle Miniatures. This latter range is a huge disappointment and, in fact, I threw away all the rankers and just kept some of the command.

These one-battalion regiments were very junior in the French infantry hierarchy and, although some performed creditably, one should not rate them very highly. Over this coming week I'll be showing you St.Germain (114th) as well as La Dauphine (115th). They all wear dark blue coats and have very decorative flags.


  1. A great unit, the flags are wonderful and the peinting style really impressive.

  2. You have to really pick and choose through the Eagle range for the winning figures. The range seems strongest in its Prussians. Avoid the charging figures with leveled bayonets in any of the Eagle armies.