Saturday, 2 June 2012

IR37 Joseph Esterhazy in 40mm

You've recently seen this regiment in 25mm, which I did for a friend, and now this regiment has been done in 40mm for my own collection. There are 24 figures per battalion and I use my own system for showing deployment in 3 ranks or 4 ranks - thus enabling use during both the WAS and SYW. The pictures above are all in the 3 ranks of figures (to show deployment in 4 ranks on the battlefield). When I use them in the latter SYW in 3 ranks on the battlefield they will be in two ranks on the table.

My Prussians are in 20s but I plan to increase them to 28s (in 2 ranks) so that they always outnumber the Austrians, which they should.

I have one more Hungarian Regiment to paint before I call it quits on 'Phase One' of the Austrians and move on to the Prussians. The figures above are all Sash & Saber and lets hope Chris can produce some more cavalry soon.


  1. Simply stunning. Iwould love to see your figures on the table.

  2. One more time this is a great work!
    Colours and flags are really nice!

  3. Very nice, Nigel.
    This regt is also on my to do list. So far I have only blue facings Hungarians. I think I also follow suit and give 'em a red flag.
    Good paint work.

  4. By the way, Do you draw the flags yourself or are they commercially made?

  5. Awesome Nigel!! Very very nice looking unit.