Sunday 24 June 2012

10th Belzunce

The twelve most senior regiments in the SYW French army each had four field battalions. Numerically, regiments 1 to 6 were known as the 'Vieux Corps' (the Old Corps or body)and regiments 7 to 12 were known as the 'Petits Vieux'(the 'little' Old Corps or body). This regiment, number 10, as well as regiment 9 Auvergne, had purple facings. It also had one of the finest reputations for bravery and steadfastness in the entire army and, in almost every battle it participated in, it is to be found in a place of prominence in the front line. On this basis I would rank it as 'veteran'.

The pictures above show all four battalions in line. All the figures are by Crusader (28mm) with the exception of three officers, two of which are by Foundry and one is by Eagle Miniatures.

The livery of the drummers is entirely my own fabrication as I was unable to find out the correct livery for Armand, Vicomte de Belzunce .


  1. Beautiful work!!! It's nice to see a colour other than red or blue as cuffs for the French.

  2. A wonderful regiment! A really great work, and flags are amazing!

  3. That is beautifully painted unit; and a huge one too! I see that only the regiment itself gets colours - unlike Napoleonic, where most battalions get them. Best, Dean

  4. Cool seeing this project unfold at the larger scale. Nice work!

  5. This is a lovely unit, Nigel. The purple facings look just right - not garish but sufficiently bright to contrast with the off-white coats.

    Best wishes