Saturday 9 April 2011

Right Wing Cavalry

Here is the right wing of my Polish Renaissance army. It consists of:

General Jan Holowczynski

Duke Janusz of Masovia Hussaria Banner (6)

Pawel Sapieha, Voivod of Witebsk’s Hussaria Banner(6)

Jan of Tarnow’s Pancerni Banner (12)

Klemens of Moskorzew Pancerni Banner (6)

Iwo of Obichowa Pancerni Banner (6)

General Levy of Lublin Banner(12)

General Levy of Przemysl Banner (12)

I’m now about half way through!


  1. Absolutely superb Nigel - they are an amazing army to collect. Look forward to seeing the other half!

    Thanks also for the flags you sent me - they're brilliant too!