Sunday 17 April 2011

Battle of Plexatia 56BC - Preview 1

We are fighting this fictional battle down the length of the table - 23 feet of it. Crassus has led his 7th Legion, with assorted light infantry and cavalry allies, over the ford (at the River Garonne)
which is located by a friendly Aedui village called Plexatia.

Adcantuannus, the chief of the Sotiates tribe, has heard of the Roman advance on his territory and has moved his entire army of 11,000 men to the ford in the hope of catching them crossing. He has arrived too late and must fight here.

I'll post some more detailed pre-battle pictures. The game will be fought on Tuesday/Wednesday of next week and I'll do a battle report at the end.

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  1. Vous avez l'espace pour une table de 8 mètres ? Est-ce que je peux venir jeu à votre maison ? Belle installation ! ! ! ! !