Sunday 10 April 2011

15mm WAS/SYW

I have decided to replace my 25mm SYW with 15mm for two reasons:

1) I’m going to buy back from my friend in New York (Jon) all those painted 15mm armies I sold him 18 years ago. That means 680 French infantry plus cavalry, artillery and generals. On the Allied side that means 384 Hanoverian infantry plus cavalry, artillery and generals. I painted them so I know they are fine. This will provide a very substantial core of what will be needed.

2) I like large armies and the width of my table (seven feet) means 15mm will be the best scale to do this period in and to do it justice.

So, at some time later this year, these armies will be winging their way across the Atlantic and then it will just be a question of rebasing and replacing the OG cavalry. OG infantry are lovely and I like painting them, but I’m no fan of their cavalry. Eureka, on the other hand, have wonderful cavalry.

In the meantime, I’m playing around with the size of the battalions. I’ve decided that I’ll use 20 figures a battalion for all nations that use the 3 rank system – based in two ranks.

These armies must be versatile to be used in both the WAS and SYW so I’ve had to come up with a system to cover those nations that deployed in 4 ranks. I tried a system that had extra pairs of figures in a third rank (to represent the 4 ranks) but which could be brought together into the front line to make battalions in 3 ranks. I dropped this plan as 15mm figures in pairs are too fiddly to use. So I’ve decided to base Austrians, for example, exactly like the Prussians (20 figures in 5 bases of 4 figures) but when they are to represent battalions in four ranks I’ll just take away a base to reduce the frontage. Are you still with me, or have your eyes glazed over as you fall into a stupor?

Because I use computer rules (Carnage and Glory II – much to be recommended!) you can do all these sorts of things because it’s what you input into the computer order of battle that is important, not the number of figures.

What I am showing in these pictures is a number of Prussian infantry battalions placed in front of my modular village units. Each village unit is 8” long by 4” and I’ll explain the thinking behind them in a later post.

Lastly, why am I doing Prussians and Austrians rather than French and Allies? Because I have bags of Prussian and Austrian figures and I can’t touch the Western theatre until I have all the armies physically in front of me.

Top Picture: 1st Battalion of Prussian IR 1 in front of module one.

2nd Picture: 2nd Battalion of Prussian IR 1 in front of the rear of module one.

3rd Picture: 1st Battalion of Prussian IR 8 in front of module two

4th Picture: 2nd Battalion of Prussian IR 8 in front of the rear of module two.


  1. very nice figures and terrain, I like the look of the 20 figure battalions.

    The OG SYW line was one of their better 15mm lines. I hope the planned SYW line by blue Moon match their excellent FIW figures.

  2. 15mm is my preferred figure scale, mainly because of the cost, also because you can have massive games. The Prussians look very nice, looking forward to seeing the new/old figures!!

  3. What an ambitious venture, good luck!

  4. Very nice looking Prussians and i really like your modular village units. Could you say who makes these half timber buildings? Thanks.