Thursday 7 April 2011

Iwo of Obichowa Pancerni Banner

This is the last cavalry regiment for the Right Wing of my Polish Renaissance army. We are now about half way through!

I’ll picture the entire force this weekend when I go up to the attic to set up the table for the ancients game we will be having on 19th April. More on that game next week with pictures of the battlefield and orders-of-battle. It is going to be a game of Caesarean Romans under the younger Crassus against the Sotiate tribe of Gauls.


  1. Nice painting!!! I've often thought about getting a Polish Renaissance army, but I should probably finish the other 5 periods I've got on the go at the moment first!

  2. Hi Nigel

    You are one of the few people I know of in Blogdem who have a Polish Commonwealth army of this period - I have one too! Love your Pancerni , especially the kettle-drummer in the Hungarian hat. Where did you get the flag from? Its almost the same as the Swiss Zugli(?) canton one used by their early Renaissance mercenary pikemen (i.e. bull's head on a yellow field). Nice looking figures as well (and paint job of course!) - are they TAG by any chance?