Sunday 15 March 2015

Hessian 10/12 Rückersfeld Grenadiers

In January 1760, at the death of Wilhelm VIII, the new landgrave Friedrich II changed the organization of the army of Hesse-Kassel. Friedrich already was a general in the Prussian service, owned the Prussian Infanterie Regiment Nr. 45 and was a fervent admirer of the Prussian military machine. Therefore, he completely reorganised the Hessian army along the lines of the Prussian one, even changing the uniforms. As in the Prussian army, the grenadiers were converged into 6 battalions of 4 companies each. Thus the grenadiers from Malsburg Infantry (2 coys) and Erbprinz Infantry (2 coys) were converged into the Grenadier Battalion 10/12 counting four companies.

During the Seven Years' War, the battalion was commanded by:
since its creation in 1760: lieutenant-colonel von Rückersfeld
from 1761: lieutenant-colonel von Bülow
from 1761: lieutenant-colonel von Massenbach
from 1762: lieutenant-colonel von Gosen

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  1. Great looking grenadiers, good job on this impressive unit!