Saturday, 6 July 2013

New table and backdrop

I've finally sorted out my basement and my wargames table. It is smaller than I've had before but I'm satisfied as it's about as big as I can fit into the space - 15' x 6'.
I've bought a splendid backdrop from Dave Burgess at This particular one came in three parts (each 17" x 4') so all three strung together cover 12' of the 15' of the table.
It was self-adhesive so I had a few tricky minutes getting the three parts to join up correctly but I hope you agree it looks great. Plus I can slide it along as it is trapped between the table edging and the terrain squares.
Note the rather outsized ACW 12pdr Napoleon - it was made by my father who enjoyed assembling kits like this.
Lastly, I finally got to lay out my collection of figures properly too, with, you will note, extra shelves for expansion!

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  1. De très belles lumières et des bâtiments magnifiques!