Friday, 5 July 2013

More 40mm cavalry for WAS/SYW

Back in August 2011 I painted 5 squadrons of the Austrian Dragoon regiment "Sachsen-Gotha". I have added to this force and started a new dragoon regiment.

(Top picture) Another squadron of Sachsen-Gotha to bring it to six squadrons in total.

(2nd picture) The Horse Grenadier squadron of the same regiment to go with the reserves. It should technically be just a company in size but that would be too fiddly so I have given them a full squadron.

(Bottom two pictures) Two squadrons of Erzherzog Joseph Dragoons. There will be six in total plus a Horse Grenadier squadron. Both regiments will be brigaded together with a total of 12 squadrons and the two Horse Grenadier squadrons will eventually have another squadron added to them and then these guys will form their own converged regiment. I rather like the green uniform.


  1. All of them look great, Nigel. And, yes, the green uniforms are very fetching.

    -- Jeff

  2. impressive, the S&S figs are really nice. I like that green uniform too


  3. Once again a great paintjob with beautiful colors!

  4. You could paint a converged horse grenadier regiment with each stand of 2 figures representing a different Austrian dragoon regiment.