Saturday, 20 July 2013

40mm Austrian Dragoon Brigade

Here is my first WAS/SYW Austrian cavalry brigade in 40mm.  Six squadrons of the Erzherzog Joseph dragoons up front (green coats) and six squadrons of the Sachsen-Gotha dragoons behind (in the red coats) with their commander Berlichingen at the front. All figures are from the fantastic Sash & Saber SYW range except for Berlichingen, who is a Trident figure.

I have a 'slight' lighting issue on my new wargames table in the basement! I'll need to sort out stronger lighting for photography.

I'm waiting for some new Prussian hussars to give these chaps someone to fight against!


  1. Ah, ein stolzes Regiment! - as we say in german: a lordly regiment. Fantastically painted, again!

  2. Wow - I can only imagine how impressive these are in person - 40mm! Wow. Dean