Friday 15 July 2011

4th Squadron of the 4th Hussars

Perry Hussars painted as the 4th (French) Hussars around 1812-15. My stamina must be flagging because I find myself only able to paint these squadron (6 figures) by squadron.
They are lovely figures but fiddly.

With summer in full flow I have less time to paint these days - come, sweet winter!


  1. Hi there, very good result on these hussards! I am considering painting the 4th hussard myself. Nice colours, well documented (Rousselot plates), plus they are the smallest hussard regiment in 1815 (in numbers) during the hundred days: about 300 men for 3 squadrons (no 4th squadron in 1815), ideally 5-6 miniatures per squadron with the usual 1:20 ratio.

    It's a shame there are "only" 14 minis in the Perry box: I guess I'll use 14 minis to represent 300 men.

    I also fear the painting to be fairly slow (lots of details). Especially as I don't use washes/dips. Anyway, I think I'll go for it! Especially after I see this inspirational work!