Saturday 23 July 2011

28mm SYW Prussians

Brigaded together are my two favourite Prussian infantry regiments - numbers 11 and 12 (11 has the red flags). A total of four battalions, each battalion has twenty figures in it. This post shows a mixture of figures from 3 manufacturers - Foundry, Front Rank and Crusader.
In my view, they reflect the fact that people come in different sizes too. The most noticeable difference, in the top picture for example, is with the standard bearers - on the left is a shorter, stockier Front Rank figure and on the right, the somewhat taller Crusader colleague.

Still, I think they work well together and being able to mix figures from all three sources gives you greater variety.


  1. !!WOW!! Long drawn out whistle of respect from me...they look wonderfull!!!

  2. They do look very nice en-masse, very impressive, and good looking figures as well.

  3. Those are lovely looking figures sir!... Lovely work.