Thursday 28 July 2011

IR 25 von Kalckstein

Another fine Prussian SYW regiment - in this case No.25 von Kalckstein. Figures are Foundry, Crusader and Front Rank.

The pictures are a little dark and I must apologise for that. When I put them through my normal process of lightening and sharpening (a rather dodgy and old piece of software that I continue to use because I know how it works!) it really hated the apple green and yellow colours in the flags and it threw a 'wobbly' which I was able to 'undo' fortunately. Oh, what would we do without an 'undo' button on our computers! Pitty there isn't one for mistakes made in our lives.

1 comment:

  1. Great looking unit!! Damn confusing computers! I recently upgraded my computer, now I can't make my flags because I can't work out how to use the updated paint program, ggrr!!