Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Re-printing Greenwood & Ball SYW uniform guides: 1) Prussia 2) Austria

As some of you know, we (18th Century Press – see our link on the right) are re-printing the SYW Uniform guides. The good news is that the Prussian one is finished and the Austrian one is being worked on at the moment. I want to be able to release both at the same time and that will be within the next four weeks. I want to be able to release then together so that you will be able to buy both together at a better price than buying them individually. They will be priced at £10 each plus post and packing (quite small as you will see shortly) or £18 for the pair. I will be letting readers of this blog get the news first as to actual availability and as to when the website ( is taking orders for these booklets.

If you have never been fortunate to own these, let me tell you about them. They are 26 pages long, in booklet format with colour front and back cover and also have four pages of colour plates in the centre. There are also many black and white illustrations. The Prussian booklet has additional information (more flags are shown, we have added information of regimental commanders, grenadier battalion convergence, Fredericks own assessment of their performance etc) and the Austrian booklet will contain charts of WAS Uniform facings and a large new section on flags. The core of the work remains the Greenwood & Ball publications but there has been a serious amount of up-dating, editing and additions.

I said I’d mention postage rates. To give you an idea of these, the UK will be £1 for one booklet and £1.50 for two. Europe will be £1.80 for one, £2.50 for two. The Rest of the World will be £2.50 for one and £4 for two. As I hope you can see we have tried to keep postage to actual cost.

I’ve posted pictures of the new covers. I’ll let you know when these are ready.


  1. They look very nice, how much will the booklets cost?

  2. These sound like they'll be useful, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. Reich Duke Wilhelm has order these books be sent to the reference library at the Beerstein College of Honors...

  4. Nigil, great idea. I love those little books. They always inspire me towards SYW once Nappys and ACW are done. I have bought them again at least once after getting rid of them.
    Between those and the Blandford and the Pengel and Hurt or Biles, I think I have quite a bit of info to paint. Maynard.

  5. I had both, bought very back in time...The most usefule and handy references to start painting my 6mm SYW armies. Glad to see them again with additional material.