Friday, 13 August 2010

Volcae Tectosages cavalry

Last of the cavalry attached to the Roman army of invasion, these are the Volcae Tectosages. Figures are by 1st Corps and are good value for money.

Next to them is one of the new copses. I bought a large batch of trees on eBay (from China, needless to say) at a bargain price. But they came without bases and are rather a bright green so I've decided to blend them in with some of my existing trees and to make copses or small groupings of trees. These are based on card, holes make for the trees, then filled. Finally the base is oil washed and flocked and pins glued in so they are fixed to the hex terrain I use. One done, about another 80 to go but I'm in no hurry to do them!

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  1. These are very nice indeed. I do like 1st Corps figures. Hope you don't mind; I've linked in with your blog.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!