Saturday 7 August 2010

Volcae Arecomici Cavalry

The Volcae were the largest tribe in the Roman colony of Gallia Narbonensis or Gallia Transalpina, to use another name (see map). They frequently supplied allied contingents to serve with Roman armies and Caesar made much use of their cavalry though he prefered to use German cavalry, which he considered more warlike.

They were divided into two sub-sects: the Volcae Arecomici and the Volcae Tectosages.
Both, incidentally, had been involved in the invasion of Greece and Macedonia in 281 BC and while some had returned home ladden with loot from the temples they had torched, others had moved on to form the Gallic state of Galatia in asia minor.

Publius Crassus has raised two Volcae cavalry units to serve with him on his invasion of Aquitania and this is the first of them.

The figures are mostly Foundry with some slightly smaller 1st Corps command. The Foundry figures are by far the best Gallic cavalry I’ve come across and I picked these up some time ago on eBay. But I won’t pay their shop prices so the command came from 1st Corps and I think they mix quite well. The shields though are from Warlord Games.

I’m showing the small Roman OOB which, as you can see, is about three quarters done.

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