Monday 5 July 2010

SYW Hessian Leib-Regiment

This regiment completes the regular line units of the Allied Pragmatic Army. They are missing their finials and tassels but that will have to wait until my next order to Front Rank. The First Division or Column (and indeed sometimes called “Corps”) contains 8 battalions, the second, eleven battalions, and the third contains twelve battalions, for a total of thirty one battalions. We’ll have a review shortly – I’m waiting for some flags from GMB before I can do that.

I’ve also found some extra figures so I’m going to paint up two additional light battalions to serve in the advance guard next to the three Jaeger regiments - Légion Britannique 1st and 3rd battalions. Once they are done, I’ll return to the French infantry and complete the first column.

I’m also working on the next farm and that should be up on this blog by the weekend.

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