Saturday 10 July 2010

New Farm and Légion Britannique 1st Btn

This is the latest farm - larger than the previous one, with two buildings, apple barrels, fences and water trough, all from Hovels.

Lurking in the farm is the Légion Britannique 1st Btn, with light blue coats and buff facings. I've used the Army painter on these fellows to give them a campaign look as befitting their busy role. You might call them the scum of the earth as they are made up, largely, of deserters and they enjoy a good pillage. The bottom picture shows an unusual Foundry vignette of a wounded officer being dragged by a drummer ( the drummer's uniform for this unit is unknown so I have speculated) whilst being guarded by a fierce looking sergeant with bunderbuss.

1 comment:

  1. The drummer and the sergeant just WANT you the think that they are helping the officer. Actually, they're helping themselves to a ring on his finger and anything valuable in his pockets. The blunderbus is to keep the other vultures...err, comrades from this juicy bit of plunder.