Sunday 11 July 2010

Their Just Deserts

Foundry produce, within or alongside their SYW British range, a few packs of highwaymen and smugglers. The rear two figures come from that latter range and I’ve decided to use them to represent deserters from the Allied/Pragmatic army, or to be more specific, deserters from the 37th Foot (Stewart’s). They have been captured by a dragoon from the 6th Dragoons (Inniskillings) and he is taking them (or actually dragging them) towards their just deserts!


  1. Lovely vignette, Nigel. There are some real gems in the Foundry SYW ranges and this pack in one of them.

    Best wishes


  2. Great idea and very well done

  3. Great vignette Nigel - have a look at the Flanderkin Sergeant blog:
    and the story he's posted about a chap who survived the Marlburian Wars called McBain - its a true story. This chap leading his 'prizes' could easily be him. Great stuff - love sets of minis that tell a story.