Sunday, 18 April 2010

104th Royal-Lorraine (WAS)

This uniform is rather a shock to the eye as yellow is such a rare colour in European fashion of the 18th century. Actually this regiment wore the common white-grey coat with yellow facings in the SYW and this is the uniform they wore in the WAS as per a plate by Gilles Boué. The Duchy of Lorraine and Barrois had become the domain of Stanisław I Leszczyński (pictured above) as compensation for the loss of his Kingdom in the War of the Polish Succession, and when he died in 1766, the Duchy became part of the Kingdom of France.
It would appear then that the colours of yellow and black were either those of Stanisław or of Lorraine itself.

Armypainter has toned down the yellow somewhat and I feel that heroics are forecast for this regiment in future battles. Although this regiment and it’s sister Royal Barrois were both one battalion regiments in the SYW they were both raised in the WAS and, I suspect, both looked similar and may well have fielded two battalions each. Thus one has the possibility of creating a four battalion brigade all in yellow! If Gilles Boué sees this I’d ask him to comment on that possibility. Figures are by Crusader except for the officer who is by Front Rank.

NB The organisation has been confirmed on TMP. "The etat militaire of 1748 has both Barrois & Lorraine with 2 btns totalling 1,382 men per regiment under comte de Gizors and de Marcuil resp." So an all-yellow brigade is possible and I might just do it.

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  1. Oh, I like it. Yellow uniforms . . . wonderful. Thank you.

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