Friday 30 April 2010

Touraine and Marechal de camp comte de Vence

Regiment 18 was Touraine and it consisted of two battalions. It participated in the Rossbach fiasco as well as Krefeld, where it performed well. Figures are by Crusader, except for two in the first battalion – the officer and a ranker being shot. Flags are by GMB, of course.

Marechal de camp comte de Vence (a Front Rank figure) was Claude-Alexandre de Villeneuve, comte de Vence, (1703–1760), colonel of the Régiment royal de Corse, lieutenant-général and officer commanding the fortress-port of la Rochelle. He was also a famous collector of books, paintings, drawings and prints.

I’m going to take some time off now to organize the ACW game I’m putting on in May. Terrain has to be done, roads made from cork sheeting and a number of other little jobs that take time but I will post pictures of the table and perhaps give a narrative of the game. I will return to the SYW soon and I have both figures and flags ready to complete the remaining six battalions of this division.


  1. Very nice troops, especially the Yellow Musketeers...

  2. Great workl-

    Glad to see Touraine. It is one of my favourite regiments-a lot to do with having such a colourful flag- and it managed to find itself fighting in many a battle in the 18th C.

  3. Lovely painting, Nigel. Touraine's on my list as well, the AWI version of course. Such a beautiful flag!

    Best wishes