Sunday 29 August 2021

40mm WAS/SYW Karlstadter-Lykaner Grenz


This is the figure I had commissioned in the UK. I have added Sash & Saber's Hungarian command to fill out the drummer, officer and standard bearer. I will also be doing a second battalion in a light blue uniform for the Szluiner regiment.

The figure comes in three parts: the body, sabre and head. The only problem is that the prong on the head (which should insert into a hole in the neck/stock) is placed centrally and when you align them up you get a chap without a chin. I have experimented with cutting off the prong but that produces a weak connection. I will have to experiment further with the second battalion of Szluiners to see if I can get a better fit. Note that I have also done a grenadier company of four figures using Sash & Saber's grenadier heads.

It is unlikely that Grenzers carried flags in the field but Dave Morfitt, in his excellent blog “Not by Appointment”, has shown a speculative penant-type flag which is really too wonderful not to use.

I aim to do the Szluiner battalion sometime in September.

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