Wednesday 19 June 2019

Prussian 28mm SYW: 5/20 Grenadiers Jung-Billerbeck

Grenadiers from regiments 5 and 20. Normally these convergences lasted the duration of the war but, on a number of occasions, strengths fell so low that they were converged with other grenadier battalions until their strengths were restored at which point they were separated again. Take this regiment as an example. After the battle of Kunserdorf, where losses were about 300 men, the battalion was converged with 7/30 Grenadiers to form a single battalion with 4 different facings. Between the battles Kunersdorf and Torgau, a period of just over a year, one assumes that new recruits filled 5/20 and it returned to independent existence. But at Torgau it again suffered heavily and after that battle was converged with Grenadiers 1/23.

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