Saturday, 29 June 2019

Franco-Prussian War Prussian 4pdr gun?

In my town in France there are two war memorials, one WW1 combined with WW2, Algeria etc and the older one, which is pictured here, and ,which is, I suspect, for the Franco-Prussian War. The statue looks like a Garde Mobile (in heroic pose) but the reason why I am showing the post is because of the four steel gun barrels at the four corners. They look like Prussian 4pdrs from that war and I recall reading that they were lethal guns and, oddly, had better performance than the heavier 6pdr. I say I think they might be Prussian 4pdrs going by the design but someone out there will know better and might comment below. They are certainly steel barrels and breach loaders too.

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