Saturday 23 June 2018

Kurpfalz Cuirassiers

This is a very complicated unit of three squadrons.
The second and third squadrons were supplied by the Elector of Pfalz. They had white coats with red facings and the horses had yellow saddlecloths. If they wore a cuirasse at all it was hidden under the coat.

The first squadron (of three companies) was supplied by the Upper Rhine Circle. According to Kronoskaf the first company had red coats with light blue facings while the other two companies had white coats with light blue facings. Again, there is sparse information as to whether they had cuirasses but if they did, they wore them under the coat.

That make one three-squadron regiment with three uniforms. Soubise, who we have met before on sartorial matters, rated this unit as mediocre (it had heavy losses at Rossbach)
but that may just have been his dissapproval of the mismatched uniforms.

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