Wednesday, 4 April 2018

1st Carlist War: 2nd Guipuzcoan

This is my best shot at the colour Garance which seems to have been very popular in the 19th century, especially in Spain and France.

Although Perry make a number of less “uniform” chaps, I am making this first brigade (the Guipuzcoans) as close to regular looking as possible. The Navarrese, the second brigade, will be much more irregular looking. I will shortly have bought all the figures for this brigade (4 battalions, 2 squadrons, one battery and one general) so progress is being made, if slowly.

In the bottom picture you can see the difference between the two shades of red.


  1. Hi, I've enjoyed looking at your Carlist Regiments. What rules are you planning to game with? I've just had a couple of actions using Sharp Practice 2. I've also been painting the Cape Wars command pack as Munster Light Infantry for the British Legion as they are fairly contemporary. I wish you well with this project.


    1. Hi Stephen. I have not decided yet on the rules but I will probably use one of the computer sets I have - either Carnage & Glory II or Computer Strategies.